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The BOREDOMS were formed in 1986 under the leadership of Yamataka EYE.
From the beginning, the BOREDOMS stood out because of their experimental approach to music.

In 1988, the group performed in Tokyo with Sonic Youth, one of the leaders of the New York underground scene. Sonic Youth were deeply impressed by the live performance of the BOREDEOMS. Soon after, the BOREDEOMS became widely known in the United States, with new fans that included members of Nirvana.

In 1988, the group released its first album, “Osore-zan no Stooges-kyo,” on the independent record label Selfish. In 1989, the group released its second album, “Soul Discharge 99” which helped them gain a solid reputation in Japan.

By 1992 with the band’s buzz solidly building, the BOREDOMS scored a major label deal in Japan with WEA for the release of their third album, “Pop Tatari,” which sent shock waves throughout the music industry in Japan. However, the music and very existence of the BOREDOMS were breaking far away from the conventions of their time, and the group was not always understood or supported for their work.

This would all change in 1993, when the group toured the United States, and based on the strength of this tour, the BOREDOMS landed a major label deal in the States for the release of “Pop Tatari” by Reprise Records. In the same year, the BOREDEOMS released another album, “WOW2.”

The group’s 5th album, “Chocolate Synthesizer,” released in 1995, received critical acclaim from both the youth and the music world for its free and open expression, combined with its intelligent and primitive sound unbound by rock’s tradition. The BOREDOMS toured the US in support of this release with a string of main stage dates on the Lollapalooza tour. The group maintained an active tour schedule both in Japan and overseas at this time, leading to the creation of their next work, “Super Roots,” which further expanded the boundaries of their experimental work.

The BOREDOMS continued to challenge themselves by creating new work. In 1998, the group released a historically significant album, “Super æ,” and in 1999, released “Vision Creation Newsun,” a work that cemented their efforts towards consciousness of the Sun.

In 2001, the group renamed themselves the VooREDOMS, and began searching for their core identity. They added three drums and a DJ to their set-up, and began performing in a circular formation. They have performed with this set-up at the Fuji Rock Festival and at other music festivals, both in Japan and around the world.

In 2004 the group revived the BOREDOMS moniker for the release “Seadrum / House of the Sun,” which also marked the band’s first domestic US release in over three years after a new deal with Vice Records.

In their 20 years of creating and performing, the BOREDOMS have digested and purified many diverse types of music and culture. They have continued to make music that is more powerful, more shocking, and at the same time more beautiful and full of life each time.



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