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‘□□□ (Kuchiroro)’ was formed in 1998 by Koushi Miura and Kazumi Nanba as a breakbeat unit. Accompanied by a turntable and a sampler, the duo went through a trial and error working style in live and recorded work, moving gradually closer to a pop style of music.

Kuchiroro’s first self-titled release was in June, 2004. The release was selected as the year’s best album by “Rock Japan” music magazine, and the duo received many accolades for their work. In August, 2005, the group released “Morning Light/Cinderella on the Beach” a single with 19 pieces from the label WEATHER/HEADZ, and in November of the same year, they released their second album, “Fanfare,” which became a big pop hit. In October, 2006,the group released “20th Century Abstract,” a collection of music produced in the early years of the previous century. It was evident that the group’s music was (and would remain) full of enthusiasm, experimental spirit, and humor. Their sophisticated compositions and pure sounds were full of grooves that changed according to the genres they performed. The result gave the audience a feeling of both understanding and not understanding, or a feeling beyond these two states of being, creating an effect of musical magic.

Kuchiroro’s outstanding vocal performances combined with performances of hip-hop, soul music, house, techno, and noise will raise J-POP to a sphere that has never existed before. Although the music they want to play changes on a daily basis, Kuchiroro are not afraid to challenge our notions and definitions of music.




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