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commmons YES/NO and logo T-shirts are now available!!!

commmons new t-shirts are now available at commmonsmart.

1) commmons YES / NO T-shirts

You can make messages like "NO WAR", "YES MUSIC", etc. etc ... with seven different tin badges designed by commmons artists (Ryuichi Sakamoto, kotringo, and □□□) which come with the T-shirts.


YES(front) / NO(back) T-shirts:Black, White, Pink, Grey, and Percian Green.

NO(front) / YES(back) T-shirts:Black and White.

<Size> Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large

<Price> 4000JPY (inc. badges)


2) YES / NO 3/4 sleeveT-shirts (for ladies)

<Colours> Black and White

<Size> Free

<Price> 4500JPY (inc. badges)


3) commmons LOGO T-Shirts

T-shirts with commmons logo designed by Johnathan Barnbrook

<Colours> Navy and Lemon Yellow

<Size> Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large

<Price> 3500JPY