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AA= LIVE will be broadcasting on USTREAM through iPhone!!

The first day of the "TOUR #2" at Shelter (Tokyo, Shimokitazawa) on the 1st October 2010 will be broadcasting on USTREAM at the official pirates broadcasting web-page inside the New Audiogram website!
This show is already sold out, so you can not miss this premium live broadcasting.
Moreover, this will be broadcasted through iPhone to be able to tell the realistic sensation and the heat at this live show.
This would no doubt be one of the future-legendary live show of AA=, so do not miss this opportunity!

< AA= outlines and cautions of the official pirates broadcasting >
Broadcasting Date: Friday, October 1st 2010, from 19:30-
* Please note that the show would possibly start delayed.

This live broadcasting would be through iPhone, so there might be possibilities of unexpected errors or disturbed footage.

・If the venue is too crowded, the shooting staff might not be able to stand up straight.
・If the live show is too intense, the shooting staff might drop the iPhone camera.
・If iPhone's battery be out of charge.
・Broadcasting interruptions by mechanical errors or any other unexpected reasons.


・Please be helpful when you see the staff who is shooting live footage with the iPhone camera.
・We look forward your tweets for cheering our staff!

About your contribution from Twitter

・Please tweet your questions from your own account or post your questions to the Twitter box inside the official pirates broadcasting website page.
・The hush tag would be given automatically when you post your tweet from the official pirates broadcasting website page.
・Please put the hush tag "#aalive" when you tweet from your own account.
・We would welcome your prior postings at any time.

What is the hush tag?

AA = the official pirates broadcasting website

New Audiogram: http://www.newaudiogram.com/premium/_aa_live/
Twitter hush tag for AA= official pirates broadcasting: #aalive

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