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ASA-CHANG's Tabla-Bongo Workshop + Recital

A vagabond rhythmist - ASA-CHANG's strange invention "Tabla-Bongo".

Is this a Tabla? Is this a Bongo?
ASA-CHANG would be conducted the roots / style / possibility of Tabla-Bongo!

The workshop will be held at Guggenheim House in Kobe.

2011.1.18 (Tue) 20:00-22:00 The first day: Let's make the Tabla-Bongo
2011.1.19 (Wed) 20:00-22:00 The second day: Let's play the Tabla-Bongo
2011.1.18 (Thu) 20:00-22:00 The third day: Let's master the Tabla-Bongo

Lecturer: ASA-CHANG
Assistant: Kohei Shimizu (Happy Tabla-Bongo Company)
Charge: \20,000 (including W.S + Instruments for 3 days) [Limited to12
[to make a Tabla-Bongo by converting a bongo (+ a stand)]

[The fourth day]
2011.1.21 (Fri) open:19:30 / start:20:00
Advance ticket: \1500 
Ticket on door: \2000
・Akibin-Orchestra (empty bottle brass band)
・Pe Do Gu (transcending power trumpet group)
・Tabla-Bongo W.S. Announcement band

【Reservation and Inquiry 】
Guggenheim House Office
TEL : 078-220-3924
FAX: 078-202-9033
E-mail : guggenheim2007@gmail.com