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kotringo and naomi & goro perform at Slow Music Slow Live 2013 in Ikegami HonmonJi Temple

kotringo and naomi & goro perform at Slow Music slow Live 2013 held at Ikegami Honmonji Temple.

Slow Music Slow LIVE 2013 in Ikegami Honmonji 10th Anniversary

date:8/23 Fri. - 25 Sun.
venue:Tokyo Ikegami Honmonji, Special Stage
1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo

on 23rd Fri. "10th fantasia"
time:open 5:30pm / start 6:30pm
Taeko Onuki with Nobuyuki Nakajima
Ann Sally with Shigeharu Sasago (special guest: Miyuki Hatakeyama) 
opening act: kotringo

ticket:¥6,500 / comfy seat:¥9,000
on 24th Sat. "the Acoustic Passage"
time:open 2:00pm / start 3:00pm
Jun Shibata
naomi & goro
Youmou to Ohana
Ayaka Ide
and more ..
ticket:¥7,800 / comfy seat ¥13,000

*Priority seats and 3 day tickets are available.
*Tickets are now on sale.