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Etsuko Yakushimaru New Single "Yami Yami / Lonely Planet" on sale on 27/09

Etsuko Yakushimaru (Soutaisei Riron)'s new single "Yami Yami / Lonely Planet" will be on  sale on the 27th September.

Yami Yami is now on air on NHK "Minna no Uta".
For the coupling song "Lonely Planet", Jimanica played the drums and did programing, zAk played the percussions
and did programing.

This contains both songs' off vocal version and Yami Yami NHK length version.

This single is released in three different verions.

1) CD version
2) CD + DVD version
3) Postal versioin

Post cards and postal stamps are included in a envelope with CD+DVD.

Moreover, a Remix CD will be offered as a perk, whether you buy the single at shops except for EC sites.
And another good news, sticker designed by Yakushimaru will be offered only at commmonsmart in addition to the offer above.

Yami Yami / Lonely Planet   Etsuko Yakushimaru

commmons  x mirai records


■CD+DVD盤  RZCM-59130/B ¥1,600
■postal version RZCM-59129/B ¥3,300

post cards

postal stamp
type A

type B