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raster-noton japan tour informatio

■raster-noton.metro 2010

Date/Time:2010.11.14 (Sun) open19:00 / start 20:00
Venue:CLUB METRO (Kyoto)
BF Ebisu Bld, Marutamachi-kudaru,
Kawabata, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8396

cyclo. (ryoji ikeda + carsten nicolai )
alva noto (carsten nicoali)
byetone (olaf bender)

DJ :
Tatsuya(Night Cruising)

Advance¥3,000 (excluding a drink fee) 
At the door¥3,500 (excluding a drink fee) 
Advance Ticket Inquiry:
Ticket Pia (0570-02-9999/0570-02-9966、P-code:118-291)
Lawson Ticket(Lawson Loppi、L-code:58042)

※Advance ticket available at:
Pia Counter, Seven-Eleven, Circle-K Thanks, Lawson
※For the reservation → Please contact at ticket@metro.ne.jp with the
performance date, your name, and the number of tickets

■raster-noton.sunsui 2010
- sunsui x Hankyu Men's OPENING SPECIAL PARTY -

Date/Time:2010.11.17 (Wed) open19:00 / start 20:00
Venue:sunsui (Osaka)
Ticket:Advance 3000yen / At the door 3500yen (excluding a drink fee)

cyclo. ( ryoji ikeda + carsten nicolai )
alva noto - solo
byetone - solo
nibo - solo

■raster-noton japan tour 2010

Date/Time:2010.11.18 (Thu) open/start 19:00
Venue:mago (Nagoya)
Ticket:Advance 2500yen / At the door 3000yen (excluding a drink fee)

LIVE: alva noto. byetone. nibo.
DJ: jp (cubithm) goemon (magical harvest)
installation: youki hirakawa

■raster-noton afterparty

Date/Time:2010.11.22 (Mon) open19:00 / start 19:30
Venue:Super Deluxe(Tokyo/Roppongi)
Ticket:Advance 2000yen / At the door 2500yen


DJ :
carsten nicolai (a.k.a. alva noto)
inner science

chihei hatakeyama

VJ :
masato tsutsui
yousuke fuyama

Screening: future past perfect pt. 3 (u_08-1) by Carsten Nicolai

■Carsten Nicolai and Marko Peljhan
A new installation "polarm"

Date/Time:2010.11.13 (Sat) - 2011.02.06 (Sun) 10:00-19:00
Closed on Tuesdays (the following day if Tuesday is a national holiday),
Year-end and the New Year’s holidays
Venue:YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) Studio A /
Address:7-7 Nakazono-cho, Yamaguchi, 7530075 JAPAN

"Decennial environmental observations in art focusing on a global
informational network's polar areas"

The "polar" project centers on fixed-point observations of the earth's
natural and informational environment from an artist's position. The
previous polar I, presented in Tokyo in 2000, introduced a network-based
original search engine, developed in order to observe the earth as an
environment based on a variety of information. The updating process was
translated into images and sounds exhibited in an audio-visual installation.
The following ten years have seen significant developments in information
technology, which have in turn triggered repeated massive changes in human
sensibility and perception. While considering unreachable places on the
earth as more or less non-existent, we are directly confronted with an
extensive invisible world of information and other data. The aim of this
second installment is to establish an original platform for investigations
into the diverse environments that surround us in the year 2010. By
searching specific information, visitors can proactively explore uncharted
polar areas, and discover their meanings. Two of the world's leading artists
get together again to highlight current natural and informational
environments, and propose methods for us to apply for their research.
  (In-residence production period: late October - early November)

■audio-visual concert performances
"raster-noton evening"

Date/Time:2010.11.13 (Sat) 19:00 start (18:30 open)
Venue:YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) Studio B /
Address:7-7 Nakazono-cho, Yamaguchi, 7530075 JAPAN

Live: cyclo. (Carsten Nicolai & Ryoji Ikeda), byetone (Olaf Bender), Nibo
Guest: Christopher Willits

Ticket:On sale now
[Advanced tickets] ¥3,000
"any" members & special discounts ¥2,700
[Tickets at the door] ¥3,500

Buy/Reserve ticket online:

Yamaguchi City Foundation for Cultural Promotion
Tickets Information[YCAM]: +81-83-920-6111

"The ultimate electronic sound experience offered by a supreme team of
artists in an ideal environment"

The "polar" project observing natural and informational environments,
initiated by two internationally renowned artists, resurfaces after ten
years in the form of the "polar m" exhibition. Via an original platform
developed in order to monitor the invisible world of data, the visitor can
experience polar electromagnetic force from a unique perspective on the
An exquisite lineup of artists from the field of electronic sound art/music
will get together at YCAM to celebrate the exhibition's opening. Look
forward to an overwhelming display of visuals and sound, designed with
YCAM's own high-end technical equipment and setting.

Date/Time:2010.11.07 (Sun) - 2010.11.23 (Tue) 
12:00 - 20:00 (closed on Mondays)
Venue:G/P gallery (Ebisu)
150-0013 1-18-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO, NADiff A/P/A/R/T 2F
Tel / Fax:03-5422-9331
e- mail:info@gptokyo.jp
Raster Noton's investigations into sound frequencies and sequences are
principally developed in the field of music, but often cross over into the
visual arts. Using digital signal processing as their primary medium (often
in combination with moving images and graphics) the label's many releases
and live performances explore minimal, modular, and concrete approaches to
the structure of sound and its possibilities for being activated and
manipulated as a material form.

The archives of the Chemnitz-based Raster Noton label will be presented at
G/P gallery (Ebisu) from 2010.11.07 (Sun) to 2010.11.23 (Tue), in the form
of a record shop, albeit one without a commercial component.

Comprised of publications, music CD's, and sound, the Raster Noton archive
will offer a panoramic view of the label's output. Also, Bender and
Nicolai's installation White Line Light will provide lighting for the shop
via a handmade, neon gas-filled tube that reacts to Raster Noton
Exhibited objects:microfilm / white line light / wall drawing / r-n archive
Organizers:commmons / raster-noton / G/P gallery