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The Sea and Cake / Runner - Special limited vinyl (white vinyl) is now available at commmonsmart!!

The Sea and Cake's 10the full-album "Runner"

Special limited vinyl version (white vinyl) is now available at commmonsmart!!


The Sea and Cake  / Runner (Limited wihte vinyl version)

SeaandCake_ Runner_jkt.jpg

Cat No:thrill 310
Label:Thrill Jockey
Price:2,000yen(tax in)

01 On and On
02 Harps
03 A Mere
04 The Invitations
05 Skyscraper
06 Harbor Bridges
07 New Patterns
08 Neighbors and Township
09 Pacific
10 The Runner

You can listen to "Harps" at Thrill Jockey Records' official SOUNDCLOUD!!