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Five concepts… for
the future of the music business


Sustainability is the guiding principal in everything we do at commmons. In addition to taking steps to lessen our impact on the environment, we also apply this to music. By avoiding the release of “disposable” music, we strive to build long-term relationships with both listeners and creators of music, and to develop and nurture new music. We have structured commmons in a way where we are not dependent on chasing short-term trends for quicker profits.

commmons is also designed to be a “green” record label, in ways that move beyond the easy virtues of trendy “eco” business. commmons has committed enough hard money to green energy providers to negate our carbon footprint, and earn internationally tradeable energy credits as a result. Sustainability has a price ? and it’s built into our business plan.

We will also use ecologically friendly materials for all of our products, from packaging to bags and business cards.

2.physical vs. digital

We all know that there will be continued growth in the distribution of digitized music. We also know that our love of “things” will never disappear.

Music and design should be timeless, so that they outlive trends and continue to set a standard of quality for new generations. Meaning, the only way to abstain from waste is to produce things people want to keep.

It is our intention to make full use of both old and new distribution methods. Instead of forcing the issue and offering consumers only a digital option, we believe there is a meaningful way to take advantage of every distribution method, whether it is download, direct mail or Internet shopping, supermarket or chain store. We want to deliver music to the user in the best way possible.

3.developing a creative environment

We want to create an environment where artists can engage with the label freely. We are not limited by music business ideas of genre or style. We are interested in collaborating with artists who possess their own unique creative vision. We also want to create a platform that makes it easier for artists to take on new challenges, to learn new things, and reach new audiences.

We plan to develop educational programs and workshops for the next generation of artists, so that past experience and knowledge is passed on. We are at a unique point in history, where the last generation trained in analog techniques is, shall we say, ‘getting on in years.’ We aim to make a link between that generation and those to come, so that classic knowledge and craft are not lost forever.


We are not reinventing the wheel. We are capitalizing on common sense ideas that have always existed in the music business, but have never been properly exploited, were replaced by corporate dogma, or were forgotten. By keeping the size of the staff and number of releases manageable, we minimize waste. By involving our staff in the selection of music, we improve our marketing.

The collaborative nature of 'commmons' will allow us to develop and open up new markets by combining the resources of our individual artist members, thereby creating new possibilities for each artist in the future.

The music business has changed. The record shops that once dominated the landscape are disappearing. Today the music fan has the world’s largest record shop at their fingertips, in the privacy of their own home. But even with this convenience, we are not reaching everyone. Instead of the music fan coming to us through the record shop or online store, we are prepared to bring the music to them. We will forge partnerships to distribute music wherever it is most convenient for our potential listeners, whether it be a train station, cafe, book, or clothing store. Everyone is our target audience - we will not discriminate based on age, gender or cultural background.

5.borderless collaboration

We want to explore all new possibilities for making and presenting music. We want to have the chance to work and collaborate with as many people from as many different backgrounds and nationalities as possible, across as many disciplines and industries as possible. We are not bound by traditional corporate or contractual strictures. Instead, we embrace the concept that each collaboration can be unique.

As such, we can provide a platform for like-minded international labels in Japan. We can collaborate with an artist on one release, then help them pursue other opportunities with different companies for a future project. In the end, truly lasting music and art can only be realized with this sort of freedom.