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“good business is the best art.” - by andy warhol

Tenet By Ryuichi Sakamoto

“good business is the best art” Andy Warhol

I want to say a few words about why I launched ‘commmons’.

I envision ‘commmons’ as an organization that can balance the weaknesses that exist in both the major and independent record labels, while capitalizing on the inherent strengths of each structure. ‘commmons’ will not prioritize the interests of business or art at the expense of one or the other. This will be a business organization that can balance both ideologies: a true 50/50 balance between the interests of business and music (art).

I think this is what Andy Warhol meant when he was speaking about “good business.”

It will be our greatest joy to have the chance to explore with all of you what “good business” really means. What we achieve will not be for our benefit alone, it will also be a valuable gift for the future.

Like bamboo shoots that spring from the ground after the rain, I know there are many small and independent labels out there that support talented artists. However, the reality is that many of these labels are unable to make the necessary lateral connections to fully blossom, and they can also be hampered by legal and financial constraints placed upon them. Typically it is the artists themselves who run these labels at their own expense and through their own efforts. This is a waste of talent. It is my hope to provide a common platform with ‘commmons’ for artists in these situations so they can have access to an infrastructure that provides them with the necessary financial, legal, commercial and promotional services, allowing them to focus on their art. This is the best way to help nurture existing and future talent.

Once the structure of the label was in place, I began to think about what kind of “color” or “spirit” the label should have. I soon realized that all the collective works and efforts of the artists that work with us will define the “spirit” or “color” of ‘commmons’. We don’t want artists to work within pre-conceived ideas of genres or categories. We want the definition to come about naturally. Each artistic effort will add something to further define our spirit or color.