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about commmons

statement of intention

‘commmons’ is a new project established by Ryuichi Sakamoto in collaboration with the Avex Group, which provides both the infrastructure of a solid record company, and the freedom to do things differently. commmons is not “Sakamoto’s label,” but rather a platform for other artists to join as equal collaborators and share in the benefits of this structure. commmons was established to create a common ground, a place where new relationships can be built between the music industry, the audience, artists and creators. The project aims to find new possibilities for music, while making meaningful contribution to culture and society.

Music will always be the center of all activities commmons is engaged in. This is the reason for the 3 m’s in commmons ? the third ‘m’ is for music.

As commmons aims to contribute to society, the label must be ecological in focus and method, respectful to nature in all of the label’s activities. Other companies are only now discovering recycled digipaks or biodegradable shrinkwrap, eco-packaging materials Sakamoto has been using since 1994. Long experience with companies that create environmentally friendly products will help commmons to be an innovator in this field.