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#050 スティーヴ・ジャンセン

#050 スティーヴ・ジャンセン

music BATON 第50走者: スティーヴ・ジャンセン wrote:

It's clear to see that there are no new releases in my top 4 selection and that's because music is more of an influence during a musician's formative years. Then comes the time when music can impress and inspire but isn't so much a source of influence. I think there are some great new/recent releases but as much as I may like them I would only need to give them a couple of listens, unlike when you are young and you play albums repeatedly until every detail becomes engrained into your consciousness. I will mostly tend to listen to music in my car as I don't really have much opportunity otherwise. Due to the fact that I may spend a lot of hours during my day working on music, with my leisure time I tend to want to give my ears a rest. Obviously there are more than just 4 albums that have influenced me, and the priorities they each take seems to shift from year to year. So this list is merely the one that seems right to me at the moment, however I think I would realistically want to list about 30. I was influenced by drummers (i.e. Billy Fricca from the band Television or Paul Thompson from Roxy Music to name just two of many) from the age of 14 onwards as that was the instrument I was learning, but more importantly there were bands that created a sense of what is possible instead of simply what works or what is expected in the pop world and those were the albums that stay with you for life. I continue to write and record because it's an outlet that I need to keep me balanced and 'sane'. I don't turn it around as a business because I'm not coming at it from that angle. Of course, I need to survive, to create income etc. but I don't have the 'drive' to work in situations that I don't enjoy. I've been pretty fortunate to have gone this long working in areas that are both interesting and enjoyable for me. Hovering on the periphery of the music world. Inspiration mainly comes from a source outside of music. Creative energy is like any other energy that exists in us, and it needs to find a way out. When these energies are blocked it's usually personal circumstances that make it so, and conversely, when they flow it's most likely to do with a positive attitude that triggers neutrons in that part of the brain that turns inspiration into practical art form.

見ての通り、トップ4セレクションには新しい作品は含まれていない。ミュージシャンにとって成長期に出会う音楽の方が影響力を持つ。成長期の後は、音楽は感動を与えるが、前ほどは影響力を持たなくなる。確かに最近の作品で素晴らしいものはあると思うが、数回聞けばもう満たされてしまう。一方若い時は、全ディテールを覚えてしまうまで無数にリピートして聞く。僕が音楽を聞くのは車中がほとんど。それ以外は時間がない。仕事として音楽と向き合う時間が多いため、プライベートな時間には耳を休めたくなる。僕が影響されたアルバムは勿論4枚よりも遥かに多いし、それらの順位はその都度入れ替わる。だからこのリストは今現在のもの。本当は30枚くらい挙げたかった。当時ドラムを習っていたから、14才の頃からずっと数多くのドラマーに影響されて来た (TelevisionのBilly FriccaやRoxy MusicのPaul Thompsonなどなど)。しかしより重要なのは、『曲として成り立つ音楽』を書いたりポップス界に受入れられる音楽を提示するだけでなく、可能性の限界を示したバンドの存在。そういう作品との出会いは一生ものとなる。僕が作曲しレコーディングするのは、自分のバランスを保ち正気でいるため。ビジネスという角度では捉えていない。勿論生活しなければならないし、収入は必要。でも、自分が楽しくない状況で活動する事は自分には出来ない。興味を持続させられる事で、ここまで長く働き続けられたのはとても幸運なこと。音楽界の辺縁で漂っていたようなもの。僕のインスピレーションは主に音楽以外からやってくる。クリエイティブなエネルギーというには、僕らの中にある様々なエネルギーの1つで、放出させる必要がある。クリエイティブエネルギーの滞りは、個々人の事情に拠る場合がほとんど。だからこそそれが綺麗に流れた時は、インスピレーションを形ある芸術に変える脳のニュートロンが活性されるほどポジティブだったという事なのだ。

PROFILEスティーヴ・ジャンセン Steve Jansen




2010/01/14 UPDATE

  • 商品名

    Berlin / Lou Reed

    An exercise in angst and sadness - this album was a real eye opener. Not only a great set of songs but some truly beautiful arrangements. As an early teenager (around 13 years old) listening to songs about suicide, family trauma etc. was something of a potent blend but regardless I found it held a wonderful musicality and depth that made it enthralling. Apparently Reed and producer Bob Ezrin attempted to make The Most Depressing Album Of All TIme but I think they failed - it's one of the most beautiful, and perhaps opened some doors for young writers (certainly for my generation) trying to be taken more seriously.

    ReedとプロデューサーBob Ezrinは『史上最も鬱なアルバム』を作ろうとしたんだろうけど、それは失敗に終わった。これは史上最も美しいアルバムのひとつで、もっとシリアスに自分達の存在を訴える若き作曲家達に(とくに僕らの世代)新たな道を開いた。


  • 商品名

    Movies / Holger Czukay

    Eccentric professor and jolly genius at work with sampled sounds and spliced editing, creating one of the most original recordings ever made.
    Paved the way for instrumental and left field composition. Has a depth, attention to detail and originality that seemed to get more impressive with each listen. A big influence in many ways, not least because it was a lesson in appreciating the unexpected.

    エキセントリックな匠であり愛すべき天才である彼が、サンプルサウンドやスプライス編集で作ったオリジナリティ溢れる作品。インスト音楽の道を開き、 フィールド・コンポジッションを残した。深みがあり、ディテールも細やかで、何よりも聞くたびに感慨を増すオリジナリティが素晴らしい。その際立った個性を抜きにしても、色々な意味で強い影響を受けた作品。


  • 商品名

    My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
    / Brian Eno & David Byrne

    Eno seems to bring out the best in most people that he collaborates with. This is a lovely blend of band performance, sound design and borrowed voices.Without this album (and also Eno's work with Bowie on 'Low') I think my band's music (Japan) would not have developed the way that it did. As with the previous two albums, there was a seriousness and depth brought to the world of 'pop' artists that was nothing to do with the prog rock 'concept albums' of the 70's. They were much more personal visions and avoided any grandiose drama or theatrics and were therefore that much more potent.

    もしこのアルバムが(Bowie "Low"でのEno作品も含め)なかったら、僕のバンドの音楽(ジャパン)は現在のような発展を遂げていないと思う。前2作では、プログレや70sのいわゆるコンセプトアルバムとは全く関係のない角度から『ポップスの世界』にシリアスさと深みをもたらした。パーソナルな視点を持ち、仰々しいドラマや芝居じみたわざとらしさは回避され、だからこそ際立った強烈さを放った。


  • 商品名

    Technodelic / Yellow Magic Orchestra

    Kraftwerk were a real favourite and YMO offered us Eurotech Japan style, but with Technodelic they turned a new page and YMO's originality came into force with this album. Understated, cyclical, sexy and cool - (I don't know whether or not I am correct in thinking this but I have always credited Peter Barakan's involvement as being rather significant in bridging the language barrier, by translating lyrics into a sophisticated use of the English language that gives the songs a suggestion of something much deeper - perhaps his contribution is somewhat unheralded but I've never verified this with the band members - consequently it's even possible that Japanese audiences are not aware of how well this has worked as it takes a good knowledge of English to really appreciate the lyrics - i.e. a song about an ugly piece of bread ... truly original and simply poetic). Besides this, the musicianship, the sounds and the overall production are wonderful.

    僕はKraftwerkが特別好きだけれど、YMOは日本式のユーロテックを生んだ。Technodelicでは新境地を開き、YMOのオリジナリティが全面に打出された。最小限の言葉、円還的ループ、セクシー、クール。(これが的を射ているか分からないが、洗練された英語に歌詞を訳し曲に深みを与えたピーター・バラカンの功績は大きく、それにより言葉の壁を超える事が出来たと常々感じている。バンドメンバーに実際これを確認した事はないが、確かに彼の やった事は予定外の功績だったかも知れない。また、日本のリスナーは如何に素晴らしい訳がされていたかを知らないだろう。歌詞の意味を実感するには、英語を良く知っていなければならない。例えば1曲目の「PureJam」は、本当にオリジナルで詩的)それ以外にも、ミュージシャンシップ、サウンド、プロダクション全体が素晴らしい。


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